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Read now how this masterpiece and most complex VISUALIZATION is made by using the products of LIGHTCONVERSE AND HIGH END SYSTEMS.

Amir, a 30 yo stage and light designer, I’m in the industry for 20 years, in the last 5 years i get professionally involved in the stage design and production service. Being a designer for the largest scale events who use the latest, state of the art tech, requires me to use the latest and must advances tools available. The most important tool for stage and light designer is the ability to see the stage 3 or 4 months before the actual event date in the way it really looks on the set so i can deliver the best result to the client, change the set by needs and try new ideas in seconds. That is where LightConverse came in, a pre-show visualizer, and from my opinion, the only real one.

Lightconverse, combined with its LC Tools Software for a real stage crafting, give me the best i can get from both worlds, Stage design and Light design. The thing I like in this concept is the moment I start to work on a project, I see it as a closed system, I import a 3D model of the venue into LC Tools Software and start to craft the stage, building the set, the frame, layers and structure, everything made in house, no external software’s needed, everything by real world limitations and physics witch is Amazing and so powerful for a stage designer, the software let you do whatever you want but in a reality aspect with a real world rules and limitation, and the final result looks nothing but Amazing! Its looks and even feels like a real stage, its mind blowing good. Things makes me use external software is the need of any stage Decoration and import it to LC Tools Software.

After finish design the set, in a click of a button (really works like magic), I export the whole set to LightConversevisualization, there the fun begin, I start to add lights to my set, I try so much deferent lights, the fact that the fixture library updates on a daily basis and free of charge let me the option to try all the new lights available in the market right now and see witch best for my show. I also add LED screens and video, the LED screen engine let me design my LED screens in a real world roles witch is amazing and also looks by far better than all other LED screen engines out there. Today stages are really dynamic and evolved, moving trusses and kinesis systems become used frequently, the dynamic layer system that came with LC is by far the most advanced dynamic systems I have ever run into on a visualizer, it’s just so easy to use and so much powerful, its truly a magic!

The final step is to design and program the lights and dynamic parts, just selecting any fixture, give it intensity and you immediately fall in love, the graphics are so amazing and the software engine work extremely fast and smooth no matter what I throw at it Frame don’t drop the 80FPS. Truss movement and camera movement is so smooth and slick, just perfect, fixtures gobos and beam shapes are amazingly good, the only software that Hybrid fixture really came to life, can really see Beam, Spot and Wash different. Smoke animation is far better than anything I ever seen in the market. Also strobes and visual lens efx are great. The software run really clean, no crashes and bugs. Just perfect.

I Have 3 systems that I use for my work, Studio (Main), Home (Secondary), Laptop (On the fly).

Studio Setup:
CPU – i9 7980XE
GPU – 2 x TITAN Xp
RAM – 64GB

Home Setup:
CPU – i7 6700k
GPU – GTX 1080Ti
RAM – 32GB

Laptop: ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501
CPU – 7700HQ
GPU – GTX 1080 Max-Q
RAM – 16GB

All systems preform great with LC, I find my home setup give me the best overall result with LC visualization and my studio setup for LC Tools Software. I use my Laptop when I get to the venue and need to make lights and stage changes Because of various constraints on the set and additional pre-programming, I find this laptop really capable with LC, FPS don’t drop below 80 witch its amazing for a Laptop.

I start the project by thinking to myself that I want to do something that never be done before on a pre-show visualization, I want to do something so epic that will be remembered for years to come and let everyone see what a pre viz software can really do when using all the potential it can offer, so I say only one role: use all the features the software have, no exceptions! And I did it, I use every bit of it and the final result was nothing but mind blowing.

When I start thinking about what I’m going to do, I say to myself “building a stage, biggest as it be, it’s still a stage, building a whole festival, that a whole new level” and Hardstyle one! So the project have 5 parts, 1st was the festival area, all deco including the tents imported to LC, trees, truss, LEDs, Robots and other 3D parts used from the LC models library, lighting fixtures add at the last, a total of 100 lighting fixtures light the opening scene, using Hardstyle Music from Qdance and a really slick camera movement give a really dramatic opening scene.

From there I move to the 2nd location witch is the “Green Stage”, the hardest style Tent stage express the most technically and dynamically sets today, the design theme is a mystic creature with an knight armor, a lot of dynamic set parts, moving trusses and LED screens, really punchy stage design, adding lots of Hybrid fixtures and Lasers make it even better. A total of 80 fixtures used for this stage. After that I moved to the 3rd location witch is the ”Red Stage”, a large Scale outdoor stage which expresses the top of the festival stages that exist today in the world, here its all about the deco, a state of the art stage design with a lot of decoration, design theme is a warrior circus bear also wearing a knight armor to complete the festival storyline. Using a lot of decoration light along with 16 Mac Vipers for a specific lighting to enhance the stage looks make it pop out like hell, adding another 70 Hybrids for stage and crowd efx lights make the party even greater. This stage also use a massive amount of lasers to complete the final look that mesmerize your senses when see it.

The Biggest location is the “Gold Stage”, on the 4th location, this stage is pretty a concept stage that set the bar for the future to come and bring all the potential of the software to one specific point. A giant Hardstyle Armored Knight robot, transform into a Hardstyle stage, 44 SolaSpots pop-out true the armor during the transformation, I can’t believe any other software on the market can even do 20% of this dynamic transformation, even if so, it will take some time to do it, on LC, its took a couple of hours. And its not the end of the transformation, the stage evolve, adding a lot of Pyro, fireworks, flames, Co2 etc…the software don’t even start to sweat, still around 80FPS (Amazing!!!!)

I decide to take it even further, a lot further…the robot will transform again… to the 5th and final part of the show. 103 drones blast true the robot chest and fill the sky with lights! Each one is a 3D model, each one have 5 dynamic layers attach to it, each dynamic layer have a separate DMX channel, all channels and Movement control from the HOG4 console, each drone have an RGBW Sphere attach to it as a parent, each RGBW Sphere have its own DMX Channel also control from the HOG4 console. A total of 618 DMX Channels for the drones. The drones part was a real “Ant-Job” but it was worth it, that was the best part in the show from my opinion, I get excited every time I watch it. Im sure no other software can do such a show, not even a dedicated 3D software, the only visualizer that can do this show from ground up is LightConverse, no doubt about it. From a performance pointe and quality point, im sure that without LightConverse, I just couldn’t do this project.

Video programmed on all 3 systems, i worked on it about 2 weeks, and give any spare time i have to finish it, the way LC switch from 1 machine to another is so easy and intuitive, that way i could work on it everywhere i was. The final rendering made on my studio rig, just because of CPU demanding in the drone part, the amount of polygons and 3D modeling used on this scene was mind blowing, there was so much, the robot, the crowd, the area, the drones, i was thinking it was to much for the 6700k to handle, so i took it to his big brother down in my studio. and it came out just perfect….

Amir Cohen /

Comment of the Lightconverse R&D Team : ” This guys is crazy . He uses our systems to the limit .This guy knows what he is doing. We love him for that . Go on …. ”